Janet Reiser is the typical democrat. She makes the rounds of environmental firms, profiting off incessant federal intrusion into the marketplace, building her resume. As a democrat insider her political connections ensure the environmental corporations get the first chance to slop at the public trough - which is the only thing she really appears to be good at doing. Her time at NANA was marked by yearly loss after yearly loss after yearly loss. And now she is on the Chugach Board, where she has spent most of the last year helping her patron and board campaign financier, Chugach Reliability Group Registered Agent and current Chugach Board Chairman Jim Nordlund try to shove the financial disaster that is CIRI's Fire Island wind farm down the collective throats of Chugach members.

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Janet Reiser wants to return to defined benefits - she wants to rob your permanent fund to pay off her union friends

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Janet Reiser has an active investigation by the Board of Engineers Architects and Land Surveyors against her for falsely repeatedly claiming to be an Engineer, a clear violation of State Law. State Law forbits unlicensed individuals from refering to themselves as an "Engineer"

Read the State Law on what constitutes "Evidence of Practicing Engineering"

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